Together with Prof. Hoc Khiem Trieu (TUHH)  and Prof. Wolfgang Hansen (CHyN, UHH) we successfully participated at the BMBF Call “Forschungslabore Mikroelektronik Deutschland (ForLab)”.

The delivery of two E-Beam Raith Voyager-AddOns and a new EVG wafer bonder are already scheduled for May. Our new III-V-ICP-RIE by SENTECH is going to be installed before summer.

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Press Release by the University of Greifswald
Press Release by the MIN Faculty (UHH)
Microscaffolds by Direct Laser Writing for Neurite Guidance Leading to Tailor-Made Neuronal Networks


Fendler, Cornelius; Denker, Christian; Harberts, Jann; Bayat, Parisa; Zierold, Robert; Loers, Gabriele; Münzenberg, Markus; Blick, Robert H


Advanced Biosystems.

Prof. Gerhard Klimeck received the prestigious Humboldt Research Award and will intensively collaborate with our group.