[boc_person name=”Lars Tiemann” title=”Permanent Scientific Staff” picture=”24018″]Dr Lars Tiemann leads the Quantum Transport group in CHyN.[/boc_person][boc_person name=”Chithra S Sharma” title=”Postdoc” picture=”24238″]Dr Chithra S Sharma leads the effort in 2d-layered dichalcogenides (MoS2)  in CHyN.[/boc_person][boc_person name=”Pai Zhao” title=”Postdoc” picture=”24013″]Dr Pai Zhao leads the effort in surface acoustic waves (SAW)  in CHyN.[/boc_person][boc_person name=”Jana Meyer” title=”Master Student” picture=”24024″]Jana Meyer conducts strain-induced experiments in graphene-based heterostructures.[/boc_person][boc_person name=”Vincent Strenzke” title=”Master Student” picture=”24284″]Vincent Strenzke  investigates novel phenomena in 13C low-dimensional heterostructures.[/boc_person]