We are seeking for a PhD candidate!

The aim of the project is to develop and to optimize high-quality superconductor-insulator-superconductor multilayer systems using atomic layer deposition (ALD). The work is carried out in close cooperation with the Helmholtz Center DESY, the Institute for Experimental Physics at Universität Hamburg (project management) and external project partners.

ALD and post-deposition processes of single and multilayer superconducting thin film structures shall be developed, characterized, and optimized. The characterization of thin films consists of structural investigations (AFM, spectrometric ellipsometry, XRD, SEM / EDX) as well as studies on the low-temperature, magnetic field-dependent transport properties of the superconducting thin films.

The job  includes participation in project communication and documentation, the presentation of the results at (inter)national workshops and conferences as well as their publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

If your are interested please contact Dr. Robert Zierold (rzierold@chyn.uni-hamburg.de).